Piecing key themes together

We are now deeply immersed in drawing out key themes from the interviews conducted over the last two years with Foyle Young Poets and mentors. All the interviews are proving to be highly thought-provoking. Our participants have given us so much rich interview data to reflect on. We are now sifting, comparing and contrasting their coded perceptions in detail in order to make links and piece a series of thematic strands together.

Some key themes are emerging connected with: young poets’ perspectives on mentoring and the widely different opportunities they are experiencing to gain access to poetry networks; their writing processes and how these are changing over time; their identity as writers of poetry and their views about the importance of poetry writing for processing or exploring their own states of mind – particularly during the pandemic period during which the interviews took place.

We will be sharing draft interpretations of these themes and an initial evaluation of the research project with the Young Poets’ Advisory Board on June 14th. In 2022 – 23 we aim to share fuller interpretations, through workshops, conference presentations and publications, with young (and old) poets, mentors, teachers, poetry organisations and anyone who has an interest in young people’s writing development.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

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