October 2021 update

Our Stage 2 interviews are now completed. A special thanks goes out to all the Young Poets in our study who gave so willingly of their time once more. We really enjoyed our rich conversations with you. You have shared so much about your own development as writers, your writing processes and perspectives on mentoring, influences and your future plans.

We have also begun to reflect on the mentoring aspect of our data. Sue has presented online twice at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) conference last month and this week at the Poetry and Mentoring Symposium at the University of Southampton. She has been talking about the perspectives of the young poets in our sample group on the mentoring some of them have experienced so far and their hopes for mentoring support in the future.

We are now making plans for a small group of Stage 3 interviews with focus groups of winners from the 2020 cohort of Foyle Young Poets who attended a writing residential at The Hurst in August and with some of the poets who work closely with the Poetry Society to support them. We will also be meeting with our fantastic Advisory Board later this month to discuss our progress and draw on their invaluable advice as we begin to reflect further on the data.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash Thanks Marcus.

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