Introducing Young Poets’ Stories

Introducing Young Poets’ Stories, the first publication to come out of the Young Poets’ Stories research project is published in Teaching English this month (Spring Issue, No 31, 2023). Our Teaching English article provides an overview of key themes which we have now also begun to disseminate in presentations at NATE (2022), NAWE (2023), UKLA (2023) and NTU/Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature conferences and elsewhere over the next eighteen months. We are currently drafting a series of research papers which will explore these individual themes in greater depth. Themes include: mentoring; poetry and mental health; poetic identity; writing development; networking and social capital.

We are delighted to begin sharing more insights from our research and would like to thank all the young poets who gave their time to be interviewed and wish them well with their future creative lives. We would also like to acknowledge The Foyle Foundation, The Poetry Society and members of the Young Poets’ Stories Advisory Board for supporting our research.

Becoming a Poet: Young poets’ stories of composition and creative development is due to be published in 2024 by Bloomsbury. It will contain a fascinating set of reflections and draft work from a distinctly new cohort of young writers many of whom have been in conversation with each other for the first time over the last month. The book will also include a theoretical overview and guidance for young writers, teachers and mentors on key aspects of the writing life.

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