‘They hike you up’: the impact of social networks in the lives of young poets

Join Anthony and Sue at NAWE Conference online on Saturday 11th March when we will be focusing on findings from Foyle funded Young Poets’ Stories research and the implications these might have for other young writers. We will explore what we are learning about young poets’ writing and its relationship with their social, academic and geographical networks, or lack of them, and the cultural capital that each of these spaces affords. We discuss the different kinds of impact of these barriers and opportunities in the lives of young poets. We argue that young poets’ ability to engage in social networks is critically important to their writing identities.

Our session next Saturday is 50 mins online (starting at 9.20am) so there should be plenty of time for discussion. Hope to see you on screen. The theme of this year’s conference which runs 10th-11th March online is Living as a Writer: Creative Writing in Education & Communities in 2023 and Beyond. Booking and further conference info at: https://www.nawe.co.uk/writing-in-education/nawe-conference.html

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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