Young Poets from around the world: introducing Ekta Somera from Durban

Ekta Somera’s poem The Sunflower gives us some much needed light and colour and also, especially in the last line, food for thought in the dingy weeks after the lights of Diwali, Christmas and New Year have faded away.

The Sunflower

she wore the sunlight

like an oversized sweater

and somehow

her warmth reached you

before her skin could

although when night came

her golden face would frown

at the roots that held her down

as if she longed for a breeze

to take her to some place

where darkness ceased to exist

for this yellow flower was buried

in every woe the soil carried

By Ekta Somera 

Ekta is a 23 year old, South African youth ambassador, the author of Made in Poetry and the founder of Paper Trail Literary Journal. She is passionate about leading into a changing world and creating opportunities for youth development. Ekta is a recipient of the Panache KZN Women of a Wonder Award and she was named amongst the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans in 2022.

Thanks so much to Ekta for her poem and to rehan shaik on Unsplash for the Sunflower photo.

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