Piece on Pandemic by Erin Blaney

Erin Blaney is an A level student at Bilborough College in Nottingham. She wrote this poem very recently. We think she captures, in such a spare and thought-provoking way, the strange uncertainties and contradictory feelings of the times that she is living through. Thank you Erin for sharing your work.

Piece on Pandemic

I didn’t change the world
I didn’t do a thing.
Didn’t write a diary that would immortalise my version of events,
like my history teacher said.
But I did watch the news.
Every day at 5 with mum and dad and coffee and a Twirl bar
and the vague sense that
we are being lied to
I walked the dog.
On days I can look back on now
and wonder how the sun could have been so bright
and I so fearless.
It feels like a time away from time.
A bubble left separate from
everything else.
Makes my brain shiver to remember
how much I loved and hated it.
And why do I miss it now?
I threw a blanket over my head.
When I couldn’t stand the sight
of Grandma crying at her party.
So in my own way,
I fixed it.
I was the first blanket 
she had ever hugged
She was the first person 
I had held in months. 

Erin Blaney

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