More reading resources for young poets


Today we post an update to our Reading Resources for Young Poets page.

Here are some of the links to sites we have added. You can find them all by scrolling down to the bottom of the page at the link above.

Check out the poem-a-day feature at the Academy of American Poets, who have been posting posting poems by Black poets throughout the summer.

Another rich resource of contemporary poetry is Anthony Wilson’s online anthology (also a Bloodaxe book), Lifesaving Poems, featuring over 150 poets of all styles and voices.



You can find a fascinating and deeply rich resource of poetry in translation at the Poetry Translation Centre. Check our their growing list of poets here.Poems

Finally, take a look at the Poetry Business’ blog pages here. It includes news, competition updates, interviews and much more. Check out their New Poets Prize in particular.


Wishing you all a happy summer and good reading!

Sue, Anthony and Richard





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